How to Make Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew at Home

creating a mountain dew and doritos smoothie

Doritos and Mountain Dew soda of any variety can be a great treat together. This person in the Google Plus post below takes his love for the two items to a whole new level. Mixing the two, Doritos and a tub of Mountain Dew together makes for a dreary looking concoction.

Luckily, for me I didn't bother taking this challenge on. Not even for the upcoming festivities of thanksgiving. You can definitely cross this off my flavors to live and die for bucket list. After reading the post at the linked site did you get the urge to fire up your blender and run down to the convenience store and make a fast snack of Moutain Dew and Doritos? Use the comments box below to share a comment or two on your disdain for this vile mashup.