Shared hosting failure during sustained traffic

Shared hosting as you can see from the video is not good for a site receiving sustained traffic. Whether the traffic is long hits or for multiple pages it can be even worse. I've begun to look at other options for this site.None of the options that I'm currently looking at all seem to have restrictions or even vague terms of service when it comes to CPU usage, number of hits, or even caps on number of visitors allowed per month.

At one time I did have this site setup on business hosting account from Arvixe but at the time it was a bit pricey and i wasn't getting a good ROI. However, this month seems to be going fine with regards to possibly going to the Business Hosting section of Arvixe. During the short time that I implemented the Business hosting solution I was able to keep a sustained traffic load at up to 317 visitors on site at one time. This measurement was gathered by using the real-time functionality of Google Analytics.

My personal feeling would make it a wiser choice to switch to the Business hosting right now but I do not at this time have the funds available in Paypal account to make the change and conversion. The current week's traffic will let me know if I can hold off until the end o the month.

Please use the comments section below to let me know what you have implemented on your own sites that may have high traffic ebbs and flows.